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Here we will talk about all things good in the lip balm world. From manufacturing, understanding organic ingredients, to even facing the ever so drying drug store lip balms, we've got you covered with the do's and the don'ts of all things... lip balm.

Hi, my name is Avery Shannon the 23 year old founder of Balm Standard, a small batch, organic lip balm company. How in the world is a 23 year old guy blogging about lip balm you may ask? Well, let me introduce myself. 

A Little Thing Called Accutane

Accutane: "The oh so amazing acne medication that will leave your skin so beautifully clear... and DRY. Yes, I was the pimple faced senior in high school. Blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, cystic and hormonal acne, I had it all.