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It all began in a high school engineering classroom. Avery Shannon was 18 at the time (now 21), when he set out on the journey to craft a lip balm that was unlike the rest. He was inspired to create his own lip balm after taking a harsh acne medication, which completely dried out his skin. Shannon wanted to avoid the chemical induced lip balm market, thus creating an organic lip balm that was one of a kind. During the course of his last year in high school, Shannon spent over 12 months trying to formulate the ideal balm. The smooth, long lasting, and creamy texture of his lip balm puts every hand poured tube above the rest.


Through continuous trial and error he truly believes that his formula is one of a kind. During his formulation process, he had to scrap over 3,000 lip balm tubes to achieve the formula he has today. His commitment and love for organic skincare radiates through each individual tube of lip balm.

Making the perfect lip balm for Shannon isn't simply a business... It's a passion and a lifestyle he will cherish forever.



"Thank you to everyone for the unconditional love and support throughout my journey! You guys are seriously "THE BALM!"